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Problems with Free Website Hosting

In my opinion, free web hosting is one of the most misunderstood concepts on the web today. Free web hosting plans are becoming increasingly popular as new webmasters bite into the idea without actually analyzing the consequences. I myself spent many years, at the start of my webmaster career, using free web hosting plans. This experience has giving me an insight into the down-side of free web hosting plans that many people seem to miss.

Would Coke promote Pepsi on their website?
Although the rhetorical question above seems ludicrous, this concept is one of the fundamental problems with free web hosting plans. Forced advertising is the way that hosting companies can afford to provide “free” hosting. Whether it be through pop-ups, pop-unders, headline ads, or implanted adsense you will be hosting advertisements on your website that generate revenue for your hosting company whether you like it or not...

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Security Risks on ASP Based Shared Servers

Basically, the security on shared windows servers, supporting ASP, is not very high. A simple problem, with large consequences is file security.

Let's say, user X can upload ASP pages to the directory /User/X. User Y has the same hosting package and can upload to /User/Y. Most hosts just create an FTP account for every user, pointing them to there own directory. So far, so good. Every user can upload there nice websites into there own directory.

But then, the FileSystemObject comes into the picture. Let's say user X has a file /user/X/index.asp which contains all sorts of information, but noone but him is supposed to reach the code.

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