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Here are Dynamic Mortgages latest interest rates - Rates effective August 4, 2014 and are subject to change without notice.

Our Rates Posted Rate
6 Month
1 Year
2 Year
3 Year
4 Year
5 Year
7 Year
10 Year




Float at Prime Rate less 0.60%.  Prime. Prime is currently 3.00%. Certain restrictions apply. Rate effective immediately and for a limited time.  Lock in anytime at a discounted fixed rate. Rates subject to change without notice. O.A.C.



Pay down MORE principle. Pay LESS interest.
LOWER payments. Choose an ARM!

  • An Adjustable Rate Mortgage allows you to SAVE thousands a year on interest!
  • Become mortgage FREE faster by paying down more of the principle!
  • Take advantage of the FREEDOM to lock into a fixed rate at any time!


Gain STABILITY with a historically lower ARM rate compared to a fixed rate!

Source: Bank of Canada and Department of Monetary and Financial Analysis



Information, interest rates, terms and products are subject to change without notice. July 2014


Other Quick Tips...



Leasing or Buying a Vehicle Impacts Your Debt Ratios...

The question of whether it’s better to lease or buy a vehicle is a common dilemma. And do you buy or lease a new or used vehicle? Although the answer depends on the specifics of your situation what's important to realize is that many consumers overburden themselves with car leases or loans they simply can’t afford.

The key to remember when you’re looking to purchase a home, obtain a new mortgage or refinance an existing one is not to overspend on a vehicle. It affects your debt ratios and may restrict your mortgage financing ability.

Why Only Comparing Mortgage Rates Is Not Enough...

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that comparing mortgage rates will guarantee you get the best bang for your mortgage buck. While this may be true for particular situations, there are many scenarios where this strategy is not effective.

Following are three reasons why it doesn’t always pay to make a decision based solely on rates: your risk tolerance, prepayment options, lenders changing their rates at any time.

- Risk tolerance - fixed payment amounts, longer vs. shorter mortgage terms, etc.

- Prepayment options - ability to pay off the principle sooner, early payout penalties, etc.

- Fluctuating interest rates - get pre-approved for the 'best' mortgage options for you and with the best interest rates

These are just three reasons why it’s not enough to merely compare mortgage rates. The mortgage rate you may qualify for is also highly dependent on your credit score among other things. In order to get the best mortgage deals, you need to have solid credit.


Dynamic Mortgages can explain current trends in interest rates, and can advise you on the best mortgage option to suit your needs.  We're here to help!!


Thinking of buying a home? Call Dynamic Mortgages today to get a mortgage pre-approval – you’ll receive a “rate hold” for up to 120 days and will be on your way to finding the home that suits you.


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